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Chester's looses Hardrive and a TV Monitor
Chester's looses Hardrive and a TV Monitor






my dear friends, family and fans at large, its very unfortunate that in the early hours of this morning someone broke into my home studio and stole a studio monitor screen(TV) and harddrives from the studio PC .


My major cry is the Harddrives this gadget contains almost all my career projects including the current album i was working on which was 95% done.


Napapata if the name CHESTER means anything to you please help keep its fire burning by returning them to me even just the harddrives if you wish to keep the other items please, what those harddrives contains is who i am and what puts food on my table for me and my family.


If for fear of victimisation or anything you can even just leave it anywhere in my yard please...


Please if u see anyone selling a Digital Tv 32 eanch or any sata harddrive call 0977529298 Thank you God Bless u all

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Introducing The Red Playlist
Introducing The Red Playlist

Music is a part of all of our lives, from when we’re growing up to when we’re old. We grow up to the sound of our mothers singing us lullabies so that we’d go to sleep. Music is one of the most calming and soothing things if you let it be. It comes from melodies and tunes strung together by people who sing and play musical instruments. The power of music shows in the simplest of things, such as when you absentmindedly tap your foot to a beat or hum a tune unknowingly.

Music is not only created by people, but it is also all around us in nature. In the mornings, when the crickets and the birds chirp, it is music. The loud sound of the waves in the ocean swishing, the whistle in the wind, and the sound of trees and leaves rustling are all their own forms of music

Today at ibeatplay we bring you the music we think you have never heard before we curate in the best sounds to bring you this playlist that we believe will have an impact to your soul.
A huge thanks to Groovy Boy ,One Don 363, Dark Sensei, Maniaceddy, Bexter and ZeerexIII For giving us these best sounds in The Red Playlist

Listen to it like your life depends on it 

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3 Ways to Make Money From Music
3 Ways to Make Money From Music
June 23 2022

3 Ways To Make Money From Music

Sell Music

Music sales and downloads can be your first source of income from your music. This income can come from selling your original music, selling covers of other artists’ songs (known as a cover song), or both. Note that selling does not mean you have to do it yourself—you can distribute copies through online marketplaces such as Amazon Music , iTunes and iBeatPlay.

Meet Joshua Silubonde
Meet Joshua Silubonde
March 11 2022

Meet Joshua Silubonde 21years old popularly known as Arkad he is the CEO of Arkad Entertainment. He started his record label at 19years old , went to Rephidim Institute and was a debate President during his term at school he made the school win 

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