Meet Joshua Silubonde 21years old popularly known as Arkad he is the CEO of Arkad Entertainment. He started his record label at 19years old , went to Rephidim Institute and was a debate President during his term at school he made the school win multiple tournaments including the EMASS top ten which requires 100 schools to participate but only 10 makes it in the top 10.

He is a very ambitious entrepreneur who gives young upcoming and independent artists a platform to start their music career and has a future goal of turning Arkad Entertainment into a major record label in Africa and the world at large.


Joshua Silubonde of Arkad Entertainment and iBeatPlay Music Group (IMG) share a strategic partnership that aims at giving upcoming artists, independent artists and music lovers a place to meet and a sustainable source of income.
It is the result of team effort that has pushed as at ibeatplay to this level.
We work hand in hand with Arkad Entertainment to deliver good quality sounds to the african audience.

Mr Silubonde is a hardworking and dedicated entrepreneur who believes in delivering good results for the benefit of the company and the nation at large.

We believe voting for Mr Silubonde as a Finance Minister will bring about good change at the institution in the form of ,Development, Hardwork, Hustle Culture and Accountability in the sectors of finances.

We hope you vote for the real difference.