The Top 3 Ways to use your Music as an Entrepreneur

1.Sell Music

Music sales and downloads can be your first source of income from your music. This income can come from selling your original music, selling covers of other artists’ songs (known as a cover song), or both. Note that selling does not mean you have to do it yourself—you can distribute copies through online marketplaces such as Amazon Music, iTunes and iBeatPlay.

The amount you sell it for is up to you! You also earn royalties when people download or stream your cover songs, just like with any copyrighted work. You don’t even need a record label! If you’re interested in making money from music sales and downloads, check out our tips on how to make money selling music.


2. Get Downloads

Music promotion is another great way to make money with your music. Promotion could mean anything from sending out press releases about an upcoming concert or album release, booking shows at local venues, getting featured on blogs and podcasts, or doing interviews on radio stations.

Promoting your music can help increase traffic to your website where you can then offer products and services (like merchandise) in exchange for cash. It’s important to note that promoting doesn’t always translate into revenue; sometimes it’s simply about raising awareness about who you are and what you do.


get more streams


3.Get More Streams

Streams and plays can be another great way to monetize your music. In fact, if you want to learn how to make money from music streaming, we’ve got a guide for that too! Whether it’s SoundCloud or Spotify, there are tons of ways you can get paid every time someone listens to one of your tracks. To learn more about monetizing music streams and plays, read our guide on using streaming sites for profit.

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